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Welcome To Bite The Bullet

Welcome to Bite The Bullet, I've created this website as a project to publish some applications that I've created and also to share the knowledge I've learned along the way.

I've created a lots of free modules and premier modules for DotNetNuke. Hopefully you'll find something useful.



Tell me what you think about my website, I really want to know.

Your feedback is appreciated!

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  • Btb Shoutbox Module - 21 April 2012

    BTBShoutbox ModuleNew Version 2.0.2 - 21st April 2012 Enable real time feedback and chat on your portal using the BTB Shoutbox module. Advanced AJAX features, built in profanity filter, template driven output.

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  • Amazon Products Pro - 17 April 2012

    Amazon Product Pro Module for DotnetnukeNew Version 3.3 - 17 April 2012 Display and sell Amazon products on your Dotnetnuke portal with ease, the most comprehensive Amazon Product Advertising API module you can buy.

    Supports product search or ASIN direct product listing, all powered by a template based layout.

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  • Free DNN Weather Module - 25 February 2012

    Free DNN Weather ModuleNew Version 1.7 - 25 February 2012. Free DNN module to display weather forecasts for your area, simple configuration. Source code included in C#. Due to a change in the data provided in the RSS feed its now no longer possible to generate 5 day weather forecasts, this release removes the 5 day forecast options for the module.

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  • Btb Feedback Module - 09 October 2011

     Add a floating feedback button to your site, let your visitors quickly and easily send you feedback comments.
    Simple and unobtrisive interface.

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  • BtbTweet 1.1.0 - Twitter Module - 19 August 2011

     BtbTweet twitter moduleAdd this Twitter module to your DNN portal to display tweets directly from Twitter, search by keywords, hash tag, list by user or users. Powered by jQuery AJAX, simple yet powerful module.

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  • Email Template Framework - 10 February 2011

    Email Template FrameworkNew Version 2.5 - 10 February 2011. Checkout my Email Template Framework, it allows you to create email messages in your .net web applications and provides a clean separation between the email message and your application.

    Whats more you can merge data into your emails at runtime.

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  • Cart Viper Ecommerce for DotNetNuke - 18 August 2010

    Cart Viper Ecommerce DotNetNukeCart Viper is an advanced ecommerce module for DotNetNuke. With an extensive list of features don't buy another shopping cart until you've tried Cart Viper.

    Take the 14 day free trial now.

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  • Meta Author Skin Object for DNN - 31 May 2010

     Skin Object for DNN that allow you to define the value of the Meta Author html tag. Improve SEO using this simple to use DNN Skin Object.

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  • Visual Studio 2010 DotNetNuke Module Template - 16 March 2010

    Visual Studio 2010 DNN TemplateDNN 4/5 Module Project Template for use with Visual Studio 2010, enables rapid development of DNN modules using the latest version of Visual Studio.

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  • Btb Slider DNN Module - 12 March 2010

     Display content in sliding module using this advanced jQuery module for DNN 4.5/5. Simple to install, simple to use for stunning effects on your portal.

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  • jQuery and DotNetNuke Modules - 11 April 2009

    How to use jQuery to make AJAX calls in a DNN module. Simple rating module using jQuery to record and count the votes. Source and compiled module available for download.

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  • Using jQuery to Display Google Maps in a Modal Dialog - 23 April 2008

    jQuery and Google MapsHow to use jQuery and Thickbox to display a Google Map in a modal style dialog.

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  • Backup Subversion to a Remote FTP Server - 28 August 2007

    Simple batch file that will backup a Subversion respository to a remote FTP server.

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  • Vista and the Missing SMTP Server - 20 August 2007

    Noticed the lack of a built in SMTP server in Vista? Have problems developing your websites on your localhost because of it? Try out this replacement I've found.
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  • Add a Logout Option To The Admin Menu In DotNetNuke - 12 February 2007

    Simple modification to add a logout menu item to the admin menu in DotNetNuke.
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