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DotNetNuke C# Compiled Module Starter Kit for DNN 4.x

Visual Studio 2010 users can find that version here Visual Studio 2010 Template

New Version 1.0.1 for VS2008 and 1.0.3 for VS2005 - 21 July 2008
Fixed edit control to redirect to view control after deleting item.

New Version for Visual Studio 2008 - 13 May 2008
Designed to integrate with Visual Studio 2008

New Version 1.0.2 - 21 May 2007
Updated documentation file
Fix a bug in the .dnn file not updating the module folder name correct

I read Michael Washington's tutorial on using Visual Studio 2005 and Web Application Projects to create compiled DotNetNuke Modules using the DNN Starter Kit but this is only available in Visual Basic.Net in the official starter kit. So I created my own starter kit that installs a template that works for C# that you can download.

Developing your modules using the compiled method means you don't need to give your source code away with your modules. Module development is more like creating modules in DNN 3.x.
You also get a great base from which you develop, with all the common files created and ready for you to modify for your own module.

To use this template you need to have Visual Studio 2005 and either Service Pack 1 or Web Application Project extension. This template won't work for Visual Web Developer.
You should already have DotNetNuke 4.x install on your local development machine.

In Use
Once you have the template installed you can create DotNetNuke 4.x module that you can then customise with your own code to create your module.
The template will create a project that can be compiled and installed in DotNetNuke without any modifications which is an excellent way to understand how modules are created in the first place.

Walk Thro
1. Download the starter kit below and double click to start the install process.


Installing the c# module starter kit

2. Once you have installed the starter kit you just need to start Visual Studio 2005 and you'll have a new template as shown below. Select this template and create a new project. Notice the location of where the module is created and that we have removed the tick to Create a directory for solution, these are very important settings.

Creating a new project based on the template

3. Will now have a project that will contain the following items.

VS2005 Solution Explorer

4. Edit the properties for the newly created project to have a root namespace, feel free to use something meaningful. Then you can start the build of the project. 

Project properties

You'll see the output for the project is placed in the bin folder of the root of the DotNetNuke install.

DLL outputted into the BIN folder

5. To install the module in your DotNetNuke install copy the text from the 01.00.00.SqlDataProvider file and login as host to the portal, select Host -> Sql paste the text from the file into the text box and tick Run as script then Execute.

Execute the Sql in DotNetNuke

6. Next we'll install the module into DotNetNuke, select Host -> Module Definitions select Create New Module for the Module Manifest drop down select your module's DNN file then Install.

Install the module definition file

7. If you look at the Supported Features options for the newly installed module it won't have picked up the interfaces the first time you install, so to fix this click the Update link which will then update the module and pickup the interfaces.

Initial install

Post Install Features

8. Then just add your module to a page and try it out.

Module in action

That is it, you're already to develop your own DotNetNuke 4.x compiled modules in C#.

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