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DotNetNuke Google Sitemap Module

NEW VERSION 4.1 - 16  December 2009

DotNetNuke Google SiteMapWhat is it?
This is the new version of my module to generate a Google SiteMap for your DotNetNuke 4.x/5.x portal. This version is 3.5 and has been created based on feedback I have received and now will output blog entries into the sitemap file.
Support for DNN portals using 3.x has been discontinued since the module is now compiled using .net Framework 2.0.

Why the new version?
The previous version works fine if you have a single portal, however it wasn't able to generate a sitemap if you had parent and/or child portals.

Version 4.1 Bug fix for DNN 5.x portals not prefixing the url with the portal alias
Version 4.0 supports custom page priority in DNN 5.1 or greater
Version 3.5 checks each URL added to the sitemap is unique
Version 3.4 correct default priority value for the sitemap data
Version 3.3 includes support for portals using DNN 4.8.0
Version 3.0 now outputs any blog entries you have created into the sitemap file.
Version 2.4 fixes the issue with locales that use a comma as a decimal place seperator as this outputed the priority element incorrect.
Version 2.2 will also correctly generate sitemaps for portals which have Friendly Urls turned off. This version also contains a fix for sites that use HTTPS protocol.

This version is based on a HTTPHandler module so all you need to do is access a URL to have the sitemap generated on the fly, so its always up to date and it works with parent and child portals.

How to install
Installing is easy, even easier that before just two steps and your done

  1. Copy the BTBGoogleSiteMap.dll to the bin folder of your DotNetNuke portal
  2. Add the line in blue below to your web.config file, it should be added in the <httpHandlers> section as shown.

          <add verb="*" path="BTBGoogleSiteMap.axd" type="BiteTheBullet.HttpHandler.BTBGoogleSiteMap.Handler.GoogleSiteMapHandler, BTBGoogleSiteMap" />

  3. Additionally, users which are using IIS7 will need add the following entry into the
    <handlers> section. Since this is used by IIS7 in place of the <httpHandlers> section.
    <add name="BTBGoogleSiteMap" verb="*" path="BTBGoogleSiteMap.axd" type="BiteTheBullet.HttpHandler.BTBGoogleSiteMap.Handler.GoogleSiteMapHandler, BTBGoogleSiteMap" preCondition="integratedMode,runtimeVersionv2.0"/>
    Notice that the entry has an additional attribute called name which is required by the
    <handlers> entry.

That's it, to generate a sitemap you just enter the alias of your portal followed by btbgooglesitemap.axd

So my sitemap map for this site is

Just enter the URL for the sitemap into your Google SiteMap account and you will always have the latest sitemap for Google to crawl!

As with the previous version I have the compiled assembly you need to run the module as well as the optional source code in C#.

Version 3.5 - For DNN 4.x to 5.0
Download the compiled assembly
Download the source code

Version 4.1 - For DNN 5.1 or greater
Download the compiled assembly
Download the source code

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