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My Name is Mark

I like making things, this is my site with some links to my projects on GitHub. I'm always ready to work on your project.

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Cart Viper

I help make Cart Viper a commercial Ecommerce platform for DNN. I'm really proud of what we have created!

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I made some free open source modules for DNN, a CMS platform created for ASP.NET.

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My open source contributions

Android Token

TOTP and HOTP token generate for Android.

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DNN8+ SPA Shoutbox Module

DNN 8 module using the SPA pattern. Written using AngularJS this module creates a shoutbox/chat style module.

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DNN Shoutbox Module

DNN Shoutbox module created using the WebForms pattern

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DNN Tweet Module

DNN Module to display Twitter content.

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DNN Weather Module

DNN Weather module to show weather forecasts from Yahoo RSS data.

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Email Template

Simple C# framework that allows email messages to be composed in XML and merged with data.

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